What to Do When You’ve Had an Accident

Just one mistake you’ve had. You’re exhausted and worried. Things start to flash through your mind-am I OK? Is the other driver Okay? Why is the harm so bad? How much does that cost me? Who is to blame for this? Auto-accidents are always abrupt and frustrating, and when you have one, you may not know what to do. Sometimes people who are usually level-headed can forget the procedure that is acceptable.

You run the risk of making errors when you don’t know what to do-mistakes that could end up costing you out. If you’ve been in an accident, there is a fixed protocol to go through and by committing it to memory, you secure yourself and your finances.Get more informations of Munley Law Allentown.

Take these steps to protect yourself after an accident: first, move the car to a safe location to avoid causing more of the accident. Many states require that you leave the wreck as it is-check with law enforcement in your region for more details.

Identify yourself with the other driver and check if he or she is safe. If either of you gets hurt call an ambulance.

Call the police, and let them know where the accident took place.

The other driver exchanges details. You will need the name, address, telephone numbers, driver’s license number and their insurance company name and contact information.

Get the names of any eyewitnesses at the scene and contact information.

For police officers who appear at the scene names and badge numbers. Demand copies of any official report they submit.

Don’t talk about responsibility for the crash at any length with the other driver. Do not take any liability for the incident, as this could endanger the ability to get compensation later on.

Notify the insurance company of the incident. Make sure you go as far as you can, and be as honest as you can. They could ask you to file a written report-make sure you are clear about the details before you do so.

Contact insurance company of the other party to ensure that they are aware of the incident.

You can find yourself injured or your car damaged at a later date as a result of the collision. Make sure you alert the insurance company about this.