The Best Printer Features For Small Businesses

You want to search for a Multi-Function Printer over a regular printer, because you’re going to have limited space as I said before. You want it to have a “Flatbed” because the paperwork will be scanned. You also want it to be able to “feed” a lot of papers at once through the scanner, because you are going to fax a lot of paperwork. The stream is really one of the most important features to glance at … Don’t just skimp over here. A wimpy feed would mean tons of paper delays, loads of anger, a few swear words of preference, tons of offensive machinery and finally a lot of time spent manually feeding the pages one by one. (Which sucks, believe me!) Save the headache and pone up the $10-$50 extra for a better feeding option. Here is our official site.

  1. Attributes of a Multifunction Printer to aim for:
  2. Laser versus Inkjet printers:

* Toner cartridges mean laser printers. That’s much more expensive than inkjet cartridges, and usually larger in size, but they’re printing faster, and they’re printing more copies before replacing them. Moreover, the printer costs more money, especially if you are going for the Color Laser printer, but the print quality is excellent, and if you don’t mind pony-ing up $100 every time you buy replacement cartridges, then a laser printer is a great option.

* Inkjet Printers: Printers as well as cartridges cost less …. period. The consistency may be very good, but more frequently you buy cartridges (though costs may be as small as $5 each). You’ll probably also have to do a more frequent “head cleaning” on an Inkjet Printer, but this is the more affordable choice when starting a new business.

ii . New Cartridges: Often hop over to the ink row before you purchase some printer to see how cheap the replacement cartridges cost. You may also want to check a website where generic versions can save as much as 80 per cent. Only the expense of the cartridges alone could be a warning to NOT purchase any printer you ‘re looking at, no matter how inexpensive the printer is. Lexmarks, for example, are generally the cheapest printers you can find, but they cost just a little less than the printing press itself. On top of that, before the cartridge has to be replaced, the cartridges don’t print a whole lot of documents – so these are only good deals for people who don’t print much. You … as a bookkeeper in VIRTUAL … ARE printing-a lot. Take the cartridge price seriously, then.

 iii. A Good Feeder: For a bookkeeper this is a must-have. You will be faxing, scanning, and at the same time copying a lot of documents. If you have a wimpy feeder, you can expect your MFC printer to suffer paper jams or early death. So make sure you look at just how many papers you can feed at once. This information is listed in the details of the printer, or on the box itself.

  1. A Flatbed Scanner: Many business owners believe that having a machine with only one feeder (like a fax machine) is a great low-cost option, but the truth is, it’s a bad bookkeeping option. Bookkeepers must make copies of checks, bills, tax forms, books, and all kinds of bizarre papers. It’s a lot easier to have a flatbed that can handle unusual shapes and sizes so you can scan portions when needed and put the scans back together on a computer. Therefore, get both the feeder and the scanner model.
  2. A Fax Machine: You’d be amazed how many multi-function printers are still made without a fax machine. But the truth is, a fax machine is a Virtual Bookkeeper’s best friend. You will be sending a lot of paperwork to your clients via email or fax, and having a fax machine lets you do both. Be smart and check for this feature right from the beginning.