Reasons Why You May Need to Understand Property Valuation

And the relevance of carrying out a valuation exercise for each property becomes apparent as you remember the reality that position factors very strongly in the calculation of property value.

Below, we address two explanations why valuation can need to be grasped by everyone – even you.

  1. So at the highest discount rates, you will shop

At some stage in time, one will decide to purchase property – for instance, a home to call one’s own. Much as for the planned purchaser, a potential home owner would need to figure out what the property he/she thinks is actually worth on the market. Valuations VIC – Property Valuers Melbourne¬†offers excellent info on this.

In order to promote the purchasing of the property they desire, most citizens are likely to return to having a kind of financial assistance – mostly in the form of a bank loan or mortgage. As a rule, the lender will require that you have a valuation report, prepared by trained and experienced experts, for the land.

The report is what the financial provider you are contacting would use to check that the property will potentially sell for at least the exact sum of loan you are seeking. If you do NOT receive a valid appraisal report, it is extremely doubtful that your proposal would be seriously accepted by any institutional lender.

When you ask to use a house or other real assets as collateral for a loan, the lender would need an assessment and it needs to make sure that the property will sell for at least the sum of money it loans.

  1. In order to make the most revenue out of sale

There will come a day when you want to sell it if you own land. One important item you Would need to do FIRST by then would be to figure out how much in monetary terms your property is worth. There is a fair risk that you could end up selling without having a good price for it without this significant piece of knowledge.

The reasoning for that is not farfetched. Naturally, most individuals who wish to purchase something – vehicle, land or house – want to try to do so as cost-effectively as possible. You’d do the same thing. It is a tendency that is normal.

A seller, if not well informed about the current market value of his/her land, may therefore lose out – particularly if dealing with a shrewd/better informed buyer.

One author mentioned that “your home is worth exactly what someone is willing to pay for it” adding that this is why your aim will be to locate that entity willing to pay the maximum possible price for it.

He further observed that real estate assessors could appear to arrive at a valuation for the appraised property below its true market value due to the use of standard computation methods. Therefore before making use of the knowledge given to you, you might want to get extra guidance.


You would require a real estate assessment or land valuation done on it to figure out the current market value of your house. This method of setting the valuation of the property helps to predict the possible purchase price it would receive if it were to be sold on the free market for sale.

Seeking customers for your property (or looking for property to buy) on your own in certain areas of the developing world is something that can be achieved.

It is advisable for certain persons, though that you employ specialist s to assist – at least with valuation. Agreed, the seller’s fee may be a turn-off, but often it is sure to do more good than harm to get professionals who know the ins and outs manage a sale operation of this size for you.