Reasons to Get a New Computer- A summary

Today there are two options to buying your new computer; you can buy it at a store or you can buy it online. Both offer similar drawbacks. You have to make sure that you buy it from a reputable dealer either online or in the store or you are taking a big chance. However, after you’ve made sure the dealer is reputable and you’re buying a good name with a good standard warranty, there are several advantages to buying online over buying in a store. Get the facts about

Buying Online is Cheaper

It’s true. Buying online tends to be less expensive then buying from a store. This is because you are cutting out overhead. When buying online, you don’t have to maintain a store, a display case, utility costs for that store, cleaners, and a whole host of other expenses. You just utilize a warehouse and warehouse staff. This translates into less overhead which means they can make the same profits with a lesser price. Nine times out of ten, unless there’s some sort of special or sale, you can get the same machine online for less than from the store.

Cut Out the Warranty Middle Man

Buying online gets you the same warranty that you get in the store. This means that instead of going to the store so they can send it back to the manufacturer, you just arrange it for yourself directly. Why is this better? Often times stores are busy. You have to drive there, park, wait in line, deal with a low end employee who doesn’t understand your request and has to get a manager – all things that can be avoided. Plus, when you register with a manufacturer for a warranty on a product, most of them will have online or over the phone help for free. This means that often your problem can be solved without you ever leaving the house, and this is a plus.

Eliminate the Commission Monster

Ever been to a big box store? Many of them have salespeople that work on commission and won’t stop pestering you until you leave the store with SOMETHING. More often than not, they’ll try to talk you into something that’s more expensive than what you need – high cost items mean more commission for them. Buying online eliminates the commission monster and allows you to find resources that give you an honest answer to the best product for your needs.

Never Leave the House

You order from your house and it comes delivered to your house. This nice for anyone, but especially helpful for people that may have a disability, are sick, or are smaller in stature and may find it difficult to carry big packages from the store to a car to a home. Also, if you don’t have personal transport this is an excellent way to shop.