Pellet Stoves Offer Cheaper, Cleaner, Home Heating

Why pellets?

Pellet stoves are more effective than wood stoves, are cheaper to operate and sustain because the cost of fuel is smaller than that of propane, oil and coal.

Better still, the capacity of combustion will reduce greenhouse gas pollution from households by many tons, rendering pellet heating an eco-friendly option. All from sources of fuel which are green. You may want to check out Ocean View That Fireplace Store for more.

Putting pellets into a hopper that can supply fuel for 24 to 72 hours or more depending on the capacity of the hopper and the required heat production allows the usage even simpler than a wood stove. The fact that many pellet stoves have automated heat control starters and thermostats allows them a sure winner as a feasible option for heating.

In the pellet fuel itself the first value is. Pellets may be produced from sawmill waste materials and other wood processing plants, from sources of biomass such as grasses, corn and nut shells. The pellets are conveniently packed in compact form. They normally come in 40 pound bags which take up less room to hold the same energy production than coal.

The key advantage is the steady regulated burning of fuel at high temperatures and the usage of convection power by a heat exchanger instead of the radiant heat you get from a wood stove. It also ensures that the outside of a pellet stove is much warmer and much healthier if you have young ones.

The limited amount of ash produced by the efficient combustion implies that for most stoves, you only need to clean the ash once a week under continuous usage.

Regardless of the fans ‘dependency on energy to work, certain pellet stoves do provide back-up battery power to ensure pellet burning can be done when service is interrupted.

Where Pellet Stoves To Buy?

The best choice is to visit the nearest fireplace and wood stove dealers first and see what products they sell and, most significantly, where you can locate a low-cost price supply of pellets.

You can save hundreds of dollars shopping online so you need to insure that the manufacturer’s service and assistance is provided and backed up. Search for “registered distributor” to insure the warranty is maintained by the seller.

How much is there to pay?

Prices of pellet stoves range from about $1800 to $2800 for home heating. The energy in BTU’s and the size of the hopper are two main factors which influence how much you need to reload pellets. Certain features to be looked for include automatic start, performance, quick access to the ash pan and functional parts.