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Today, coronavirus is yet another proof-among a thousand other proofs-of the inability of modern man to cope with himself and his environment. The reality is that in an environment that most of the time seems not unlike a pit of snakes we can’t dwell at ease. While there are many pieces to the COVID-19 puzzle, and I certainly can not address all of them, I would like to share some ideas about the current pandemic with you and relate it to some more philosophical discussion. Nonpartisan Thinktank near me┬áis one of the authority sites on this topic.

The virus outbreak began early in December of 2019. But it was only on March 11, 2020 that the World Health Organization (WHO) announced COVID-19 a pandemic, after thousands of cases attributed to the outbreak. Back then, the danger to the people who didn’t live in China was very small according to the WHO. There may not be something further from the facts. Obviously, companies have their own methods and it seems that thousands of deaths are required to get a dinosaur-like system of governance on the right track. This is a large family of viruses collectively known as coronavirus. How does it happen that the so-called experts couldn’t see this coming? This fault has claimed so many for life! They are indeed experts in excusing themselves, their organizations, their industry or their political agenda for failing to predict the problem.

However, let ‘s remember that exposures between animals , insects, and human disease, are not all that unusual. In people around an animal market a pneumonia of unknown causes has been detected. You’ve ever learned of that? This is not completely new to us. When you’re a smart scientist, your subconscious can naturally forecast the field ‘s potential, even though you don’t think about it. Of course, what you learn in one area can be applied to others beyond that, often. Not long ago, artificial intelligence experts were confident that there will be robots with strong capabilities in a few decades. This is what I want to know: where are those darn computers now? Where’s a good HAL 9000 to help those guys predict the disaster and calculate the genetic variation of the virus before something else could turn?

A feature of our period is the progressive substitution of men and women with robots to perform the functions of life. But there’s one area in which no machine can act for its maker, no matter how complex. That is the area of empathic understanding. Only human beings will favor compassion now and for ever.

I think anyone will agree with me that making sense of life isn’t easy because of the chaos and arbitrariness in which we live. We are getting profoundly dissatisfied with the narrowness of minds of leaders and officials around us. Despite all that, we have to draw our attention within ourselves to the storehouse of human resources. For example, the search for meaning raises questions: where do I fit into the whole of life? Shadow effect or not we have to fight with all our strength against this thing. History ‘s weight once more is over our heads. Sure enough, in the midst of the storm there are lots of lessons we need to learn. Let’s not waste our energy with filthy egoism and arrogance.