Introducing Clear-Cut Products For Carpet Cleaning Services

In addition to general cleaning, getting their carpets professionally cleaned is possibly one of the most frequently asked services your customers may need. The Institute of Certification for Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration (IICRC) states that the overall goal of carpet cleaning is soil removal. This helps the carpet to extend its life and, of course, makes the entire building look cleaner. There are four main methods for washing: the absorbent compound method; the method for cleaning the bonnet; the method for removing hot water; and the method for dry foam cleaning. The exact method of carpet cleaning you choose will be based on the type of carpet, the use of the carpet, and the carpet’s condition.Learn more by visiting Carpet Cleaning Seattle

Absorbent compound method: This process is sometimes referred to as the “dry cleaning method,” because there is almost no water used. Upon extensive vacuuming, spread a dry absorbent solution evenly over the carpet (which includes small amounts of water, detergent and solvent) and work it with a machine into the carpet. The cleaner draws on the soil and absorbs it. Then use the machine to shake through the carpet the compound.

When the carpet is dry, thoroughly vacuum to ensure the compound is removed from the carpet. A vacuum with high efficiency filtering system should be used. This method of cleaning has a fast drying time— only 30-60 minutes.

Bonnet Cleaning Method: Apply a detergent solution to carpet and cap after extensive vacuuming. So drain the solution by using a cap or absorbent pad that is connected to a rotary floor machine on a pad drive at a slow speed (175 rpm).

As the machine agitates, the soil is loosened and absorbed by the bonnet. Beware of the bonnet condition as large accumulations of soil can delay the cleaning process. After the bonneting, you must use a pump-up sprayer to add a neutralizer to the carpet. It has a rapid drying time-30 to 45 minutes.

Hot Water Extraction Method: Apply a detergent solution to the carpet using a pump-up sprayer after thorough vacuuming of the carpet and give dwelling time. Remove the solution by rinsing with hot water, using a portable or a truck-mounted extraction unit. After extraction, mist on a neutralizer.

It may take several extraction passes for the suspended soil and detergent to be rinsed completely. For this process the drying time is from 1 to 3 hours. You can follow up with a dry bonnet and fans to quicken the drying process.

Dry Foam Cleaning Method: This is also a method of minimizing humidity. Once thoroughly vacuumed, apply a dense foam with a mechanical brush to the carpet. During the process of application the agitation of the chemical is done.

Use a carpet extractor to remove the excess foam and the suspended soils after an appropriate dwell time. Once the carpet is thoroughly dry, you may need to take a vacuum to remove any residual detergent. The expected drying time for any heavily soiled areas is one to three hours; however, it may be longer.