International Schools- An Insight

Anyone who has thought of teaching abroad as a way to see the world while both acting as an ambassador for this or her own culture and first-hand learning of another country’s culture has probably considered teaching in an international school. And for those qualified there are plenty of opportunities to do just that.

Those who are serious about teaching at an international school need only conduct a Google search on international schools in the countries they choose. Given that there are more than four thousand such schools around the globe at the moment, and that most of them are looking for competent teachers, the chances of finding a suitable one are quite good.a fantastic read about International Schools.

Once you’ve determined that the countries of your choice are indeed international schools, you can move on to more specific questions.

* If you have children, can you find employment in an international school?

As long as you are not a single parent with more children than the salary and benefits you will be able to comfortably support for teaching at an international school, yes.

In fact, many international schools include free tuition as part of the compensation package for the children of their overseas faculties. The tuition may be limited to two kids but that is not a given.

* Do I need to get a TEFL certificate to teach at an international school?

If you don’t have any other teaching credentials or experience, then you’ll almost certainly need a Teaching English certificate as a Foreign Language certificate to qualify you to teach English as a Second Language course that is likely to be part of the curriculum in the international schools you’ve applied to.

In addition , having a TEFL certificate will impress international school recruiters or interviewees with your willingness to adapt to a multi-cultural environment, rather than expecting your students to do all the adaptation in your classroom.

* What do you expect in terms of pay?

To a large extent your salary will depend on the part of the world you want to teach in. Teaching at international schools in the Middle East or Southeast Asia will be far more lucrative than teaching in Western Europe, but you may be more comfortable in the environment of Western Europe, and enjoy the proximity to outdoor activities in summer and winter.