Information About Concrete Repair

A concrete parking lot which has fallen into disrepair will receive immediate attention before the owner threatens customer and employee safety. The best, most economical way of ensuring security (and ensuring that legal responsibility is met) is to purchase top quality, competitively priced, repair and rebuild parking lot. View Benson Concrete Construction LLC.

Is Concrete really the best material for fixing a parking lot?

Today, asphalt will be used to build the most popular parking lots. Many may question why one would continue to maintain a concrete lot. Concrete prices are significantly lower than asphalt prices, which is the first and most important factor. In fact, although you might not be impressed by the degradation of your lot, concrete typically has a considerably longer lifetime than asphalt. Although you may need regular joint filling & minor maintenance for your concrete lots, every other year asphalt will need liquid reapplications and a complete surface every decade.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that liquid asphalt rates have recently risen by 250 per cent, which has resulted in a significant increase in asphalt paving costs. Moreover, advances in refining techniques have resulted in a much lower rate of conversion from crude oil to liquid asphalt; 10% of a barrel of oil would result in liquid asphalt and in the past could have been as high as 40%.

In summary, concrete parking lots are in fact more economical, better quality and easier to keep.

Concrete Parking lot Maintenance Tips Below are some tips to make your concrete lot look new and attractive. Note though, if it has fallen into disrepair, there are a lot of professional firms specializing in repair & restore experts.

Keep all traffic off your lot annually (an average of three days in summer, and about seven in winter). It may not be realistic for all companies but it is worth letting the content rest on those weekends and holidays.

Coat the surface in winter linseed oil to prevent harsher salt deicing damage.

Using sealers to prevent discoloration and keep looking new and clean on the surface of your concrete parking lot.

Regularly seal the joints to keep out the water and debris. By doing so, you’re not only going to keep your lot looking nice, and increase your property value, but it’s going to help against your lot’s natural erosion.

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