Golf GPS Watches – A Buyer’s Guide

GPS technology is gradually making its presence felt in the field of sports, especially those games which require distance calculation. Playing, fishing and golf to name only a few.By clicking here we get info about  gps watches for golf

You may want to start by asking why you invest in a Golf GPS watch. The explanations for that are sufficient. The first is to get a specific yarding idea. It’s not unusual to misjudge a shot by only looking while trying to gage the distance. Also, the yardage marker already mounted on the course may pose accuracy issues. Only being able to judge the distance fairly accurately allows the difference between a birdie and a missed shot. The distance back, front and middle of the greens can be measured using it. You can receive readings of elevation, as well as the overall course layout. This information can help the golfer pick the club and swing that matches the shot best. Therefore a Golf GPS watch makes a perfect replacement for a caddy on the course.

A lot of Golf GPS watches have a large range of preloaded gold course maps located all over the world. They make good material for research. Most models have a digital scorecard added to them. It records scores that can be passed on to your PC for a summary after the game. Those double up as a regular watch too. They say time along with these important variables in golf.

Once you buy the first Golf GPS watch there are a few things to factor in.

  • Size and weight-A lightweight, pocket-sized design makes it suitable. Particularly when playing on the field it should not be too bulky to bring around. Search for Golf GPS watches that have a belt buckle or clips to stick to your golf bag or buggy.
  • Waterproof-You don’t want a Golf GPS watch that will die if it’s dunked in a bucket of water by mistake. Even the waterproof feature will keep you safe on a rainy day.
  • Reliability-What you need is a solid and durable structure that can have an effect in case of accidental drops.
  • Accessibility-The user-friendly and uncomplicated touch-screen interface with simple drag-and-drop functions.
  • Look-It’s always thought anything practical doesn’t have to look perfect. Golf GPS watches are not the case here. These are available in sleek styles and trendy colours, similar to a standard time teller.
  • Golf course exposure-Golf GPS watches come preloaded with maps of the golf course. There is also provision to view and download further maps of the course online. Nonetheless, it is free for some while a few need the same annual subscription.
  • Additional features-The odometer is one of the most popular add-on features on a Golf GPS watch. This keeps track of how many actions you took in one day.
  • Life of the battery-Reduced battery life can affect your ability to enhance your game. Settle in for around 10 hours of battery life.

There are several Golf GPS watch models available online. Whatever brand and model you pick, make sure you do a thorough analysis about it.