General Dental Services

General dentistry is a broad field, considering that any dentist, qualified or not, can perform the kind of dental services provided. Some of the processes and programs which have been performed are: 1. Diagnostic and Preventive Dentistry The aim of preventive dentistry is to avoid the development of dental problems and to reduce the risk that they will grow altogether. Some of the procedures that are performed include scaling, which is plaque and tartar removal using an ultrasonic scaler. Sealants act as fillings but are able to be positioned before the cavities form. These are often used on children’s teeth, which are at an increased risk of developing caries. news

Preventive dental care begins at home with regular brushing, at least twice a day, careful feeding of healthy foods and flossing.

Your teeth, gum and tissue swill will be checked with special oral cameras and x-rays at the dentists ‘ clinic. This offers the dentists an opportunity to see and diagnose any concerns with the teeth’s internal structures.

  1. Restorative It is the treatment of existing problems as indicated by the name The treatments include root canals and dental fillings. Fillings, made of gold, silver or porcelain are inserted in cavities to cover them and restore the tooth’s function. Molars and premolars are the most common area on which caries grow. In 2012 the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare stated that the most common health problem among Australians is dental caries. The data was collected from the Adult Oral Health National Survey.

Broken or chipped teeth are also commonly handled with fillings.

When the pulp is seriously infected a root canal is done. The tooth pulp is an area which is very sensitive. This includes living tissues that are responsible for providing the tooth with nutrients. The risk of losing the entire tooth increases more than twice when it is contaminated. Sometimes when the nerves become compromised the tooth loses feeling. The filling of the root canal is performed to save the tooth, rather than you losing it. What occurs is that, with the patient under anesthesia, the dentist drills into the pulp and extracts the contaminated portion. If they are damaged, some nerves will also be lost.

The extracted part of the pulp is replaced with a filler substance called gutta percha. It is durable and cemented when melting in place. Most times the cusps of the teeth are hidden during root canal therapy, using a crown to protect it.

Also the dental implants are restorative.

Surgery is done when all other methods by the general dentist prove unsuccessful or after initial inspection.