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Cakes for wedding

There are so many facets of taking care of and arranging while you are preparing to get married. The planning of a wedding can now become hectic and stressful and not to mention, very costly. The average price of a wedding was about £ 19,000 to £ 30,000 in the latest survey. If you are to have your dream wedding without going into debt, money management and sticking to your budget is a skill that you will have to hire. Buying a wedding cake is one expense that you would definitely have to bear. Basically, you can pay for a wedding cake as much as you want but it is important not to get too carried away by having anything too expensive or something that is way too big for your wedding size. Here are some tips for your special day on how to pick the right cake.Get additional information at good ideas on how to make an office birthday fun

Wedding Cakes of Chocolate

When you imagine a wedding cake, it might not be the first thing that pops into your mind. This is becoming more and more popular, however as people start to realise that a fruit cake is not for the tastes of everyone. With a chocolate cake, the nice thing is that you can get several different chocolate kinds, solid and sweet to your own tastes. In order to create magnificent decor with a special taste, you can also blend light and dark. The sight of a large chocolate wedding cake is very mouth-watering and is always the talk of the case, with everyone waiting to get a taste of the huge centrepiece in anticipation.

About Mini Cakes

This is another excellent original wedding cake idea. With the top containing your standard round cake, the cake is made up across many layers. You have lots of little mini cakes for guests to take on the steps below. You could send each mini cake to each individual table, or guests could simply come and pick one at their own time. This makes for a rather beautiful show that allows visitors to come and pick their own piece of cake.

Gerbera or Roses Stacked

This typical white cake with icing is a true eye catcher. As a centre item, it stands tall, often with five or six layers of sponge, jam and icing. A border of flowers made of icing is decorated for each level of the cake and coloured to match.