Details on Scottsdale Wellness Center Association

These days, it seems you can’t read the paper or magazine without hearing the word ‘wellness’ or ‘wellness center’ in regards to anything health related. Actually, you can even find the term used in fields that aren’t even health related. Personal care products, like some shampoos have even used the term. So, what does wellness mean?

It varies depending on what field you are in. In the context of health, the term implies something more than just the absence of symptoms or disease. However, in the current world, it seems that the definition is far more general. Even hospitals use the term wellness in certain aspects to their care. It sure doesn’t seem to fit the model of what wellness is.

The World Health Organization defines health as “not only the absence of infirmity or disease, but also a state of physical mental and social well being”. This definition sure sounds more like the typical version of wellness as practiced or at least offered by many chiropractic offices around the world.

You see, if you only know of chiropractic in the context of back pain or that type of physical manipulative approach, then you may be missing out on an approach to help you feel much greater than you currently do. There is more to wellness than meets the eye. You cannot drink wellness from a bottle. It doesn’t dissolve into your blood from a pill or vitamin you might take and it certainly cannot be created by man. That is to say, wellness is that inherent property within you that simply needs to be able to express itself uninhibited.

By this very definition, you see that it involves more than simply physical descriptions. Wellness incorporates aspects of your mental, psychological and even spiritual experiences and beliefs. This is why the wellness phenomenon is so attractive as a business model. If you could just produce some ‘thing’ that gave people wellness, then you would make a fortune. However, the realities are such that this isn’t possible. Have a look at Scottsdale Wellness Center Association for more info on this.

Oh, it’s true that you can make products and supplements that help people to feel better and even help them to be healthier. These are all great and they can be – and are – BIG business, they are just not wellness. Wellness is an inside job. The way that certain types of chiropractic care work is by allowing your nervous system to adapt to stress and tension more effectively – from the inside out. This is what allows you to feel a greater sense of peace and inner well-being. This is the approach we offer here at Infinite Healing Arts Center in Gilbert, AZ. Hopefully, we’ll be able to work together soon to help you get the most out of your life!