Design Ideas and Tips for Bakery Logos

When you have chosen to open your own independent bakery or cake shop, a logo design is one of the first things you’ll need to plan. We look at the significance of the cake shop and bakery logo design in this article and we give some ideas and tips on how to get a design that is right for your company. Have a look at Sheboygan Coffee Shop.

Why You Need a Logo Design Nice Looking

There are many different types of cake shops and bakeries targeting all segments of the market. You can then focus on creating a brand until you have a clear idea of what type of bakery or cake shop you want to be, and understand who your customers are.

One of the main elements of the brand marketing plan is a professional-looking logo design. It will help attract new customers into your store and inspire current customers to remember and return to you. It will allow individuals to decide just what kind of bakery you are and will allow you stand out from the competition.

A Number of Uses

A logo for a bakery needs to fulfil a number of purposes. Usually, the most significant uses for a bakery or cake shop are signs and the bags or packaging used to sell items. Business cards, ads and other marketing uses are of secondary importance.

Popular Photos on Bakery Logos

It is good if people are able to look at your logo easily and decide instantly that you are a bakery or cake store. To do this, the best way is to use a picture or symbol relevant to baking. However, the issue with this approach is that certain photos have really been overdone, such as a baker ‘s hat, a cake or a loaf of bread, and it will make it hard for your logo to be genuinely original. However, one of these cliched photos should be able to put a new perspective on a creative artist and come up with something that looks original.

Look at a number of logos for a bakery and soon you can get an idea of what fits well. Some bakeries, aside from the obvious, have gone for photos that fit their name or location. Some bakeries that concentrate on a certain theme have a logo that enhances their theme, such as ‘French’ or ‘Italian’ bakeries.

Color Use

As this keeps a logo easy and lowers printing costs for bags, boxes and promotional items, a good designer would keep colour use to a minimum. Two colours are good and the goal should be three.

Usually, bakeries stay away from brighter colours and favour natural colours or pastel tones. On the other side, cake shops prefer to favour lighter colours. In general, these colours relate to the goods, but there are really no guidelines when it comes to colour, and if the overall design idea is sound, anything will work well.