Chiropractic Care and Your Child

Comprehensive treatment

As a parent, you want your child’s best care and you might want to consider alternative therapies for your child as a whole. Traditional medicine can treat symptoms only without tackling the underlying cause. Chiropractic care has a holistic treatment approach which treats the whole person; mind, body , and spirit. This holistic approach to care can be very helpful for your child’s growth. You can learn more at Mattingly Chiropractic.

Kids and Subluxations

Your child may also have spinal nervous tension as an infant, known as subluxations. While subluxations may not be painful, they may pose grave threats to the development of your infant. If your baby was in a difficult womb position, or had a traumatic birth they may have experienced subluxations. A common disorder due to childhood subluxations is known as Blocked Atlantal Nerve Syndrome. The main cause of ear and upper respiratory infections, and recurrent tonsillitis, may be this disease.

Also daily childhood events such as tumbles taken while learning to walk and run, mountain biking and sports activity can also bring stress to your child’s body. Even emotional stress and trauma may cause subluxations. They will impact future nerve function and the development of your child’s nervous system unless they are corrected. As your child grows up and develops into an adult they may also trigger issues.

Chiropractic Treatment for Children

Your child could be less at risk for serious infant disease such as colds and fevers with routine chiropractic treatment. Some children with daily chiropractic treatment and nutritional therapy display a marked improvement in asthma symptoms. Although chiropractors do not cure illness or sickness, subluxations that interfere with the normal ability of your child to recover can be detected and removed. By eliminating this stress from the spinal system of your child, your immune system may work more effectively and your child will have a stronger protection against the disease. As their natural healing power is released their overall health can improve. Children who receive daily chiropractic treatment will also be better able to deal with emotional and physical stress, and this treatment may lead to their natural growth.

Kid Care Plan

Your child never gets too young to start taking chiropractic treatment. Starting Well-child care is early as the first month of life. Doctors use a very gentle pressure to treat kids (no more pressure than picking up a tomato in the grocery store) and their treatments are very calming for your child. It is recommended after their first visit that they undergo treatments every three months up to the age of three, and then every six to twelve months afterwards. After big changes in your child’s life, you may also want to see your chiropractor, such as learning to sit up, crawl and walk. They can also be treated if they have any falls or injuries, and if you find any lack with balance that they might have. That may involve tilting the head and limping it.