A Guide on DIY Chalk Paint Recipe And Dresser Makeover

When exterior paint begins to wear out, it shows signs of chalking by forming a powdery residue that easily rubs off. While the chalking may not be immediately obvious, when noticed, it shouldn’t be ignored. If left long enough, the paint will take on a washed out appearance, leaving your home looking shabby. Get More Information Below are some of the reasons why your exterior paint may begin to chalk: Excessive sunlight: The ultraviolet rays in sunlight can cause the binders in the paint to break down, releasing the paint pigments in the process. Oxidation: When the oxygen in the air reacts with the binders in the paint, it causes them to oxidize. When the binders become oxidized, they begin to break down; this breakdown results in chalking. Type of paint: Oil based paints oxidize more readily than acrylic paints. For […]