Carpet Cleaning and Care – Why We Need Professionals

I think one of the most common mistakes people sometimes make when cleaning their carpets is attempting to do too much. What does this signify? Simply put, people who don’t have professional training try to clean their carpet “professionally.” I did not mention this in order to shame or prevent anybody from cleaning their carpets. I just think that people should make informed decisions before their plans go forward.Click Fay’s Affordable Carpet Cleaning

Why can’t they wash the carpet in their home with regular Joe? Advanced carpet cleaning companies use a range of different ways to remove stains and grime from your carpet. But using hot water extraction is the most common, and indeed the most successful, way to do so. This might ring a bell and you’re aware of a tv infomercial you’ve seen. While that gives you an idea of what experts are doing this is certainly not the only method that the carpet needs. In fact carpet in the heavy traffic areas could be one of the dirtiest parts of your house more so. Not only does the mud settle on top of the fibers but it gets stomped and rubbed in. Dirt also hits furniture backing. Would you rent a steam vacuum if you think about it, and use that alone to extract the trapped soil, oil and germs from the backing? Before the rug is even steamed, you see, it has to go through a pre-spray cycle handled in such a way that it gets to the backing. We then go ahead and agitate the carpet, so that the dirt can be loosened and the soap can be put in to clean it up further. This is accompanied by a detailed rinsing process, as well as a meticulous procedure for water extraction. If the soap and water are not adequately removed then the soil is left behind and the water stains are left behind. So if you intend to pursue this project you have to answer the question truthfully, is this something you can do right?

It may seem like a nightmare finding professional effective carpet cleaners but you only need to have this process done every six months and only once a year for low-traffic areas such as a bedroom. Getting professionals scrub your carpet will not only maintain its exquisite beauty but will also protect your family’s health by getting rid of the mold, mildew, bacteria, and dust that gets trapped inside it.