Basics about A-1 Certified Environmental Services

The BEST meth lab remediation companies do NOT neutralize the meth on your property. They REMOVE it completely and use methods that are environmentally friendly. Some other things that DON’T WORK, even if your state guidelines suggest it. Remember, this is your property, your legal liability, and your health. A-1 Certified Environmental Services, LLC offers excellent info on this.

Painting, or encapsulating. It DOESN’T WORK! The meth residue is still there and it will make it s way to the surface. This has been evidenced time and time again by testing homes that were busted meth labs years prior, interior painted multiple times, and STILL very high levels of meth throughout the home. DON T PAINT. If you do, the paint will have to be stripped as an additional step to remediation.

Scrubbing with household cleansers and detergent. DOESN’T WORK and could make the situation worse. In fact, you may just wind up shifting the meth residue around to areas that it wasn t in elevated levels prior. You also run the risk of a chemical reaction between whatever you’re rubbing on the wall and the elements used to cook the meth. VERY DANGEROUS!

Heating up ( baking ) is suggested in a few states guidelines. DON’T! If you have a central heating and/or AC system, it s likely already contaminated and a majority of the time these systems have levels of meth in them up to 25x greater than the rest of the structure. Turning up that system will just raise the contamination in the whole structure and a home that was highly toxic can quickly become just plain lethal!

This is serious business and it s critical that you bring in someone that’s qualified to address this for you. Half measures and band aids are not going to bring you peace of mind, safety and the ever important legally defensible documentation that you have a professionally remediated structure that is clean and fit to be occupied. Take the time to find a licensed, professional meth lab clean up company that will help you take back what’s yours!