Baltimore Product Liability Attorney Consoles

You’ve probably heard the phrase product liability, but you most likely aren’t sure what that means. Product liability attorneys are lawyers who specialize in product liability lawsuits. If you have been injured by a product you may be entitled to sue for damages and hold the seller of the product, the manufacturer of the product and even the designers of the product that injured you.Find expert advice about Baltimore Product Liability Attorney read here.

A product can be defective if it was designed improperly and caused personal or property damage, if there was a defect in some aspect of the manufacturing process or if there was a defect in the information and instructions that came with the product. Although product liability laws vary from state to state, any of these defects can be the basis for a lawsuit.

A legal concept called strict product liability will hold a manufacturer responsible for making safe products. If your lawyer can prove that the manufactured product is unreasonably dangerous because of its defect in design or in the manufacturing process, the defendant will be held strictly liable. In layman’s terms it means that your lawyer won’t have to prove that the manufacturer knew about the danger simply because they should have known due to this legal precept.

You probably know that you can sue to compensate yourself for the injuries that you sustained, but you can also sue if your property was damaged due to the defect too. Your attorney will advise you to sue to recoup any payments made for doctor or hospital bills, as well as any future medical bills that you may incur as a result from the injury, make up for lost wages from missing work, and for mental and physical suffering.

How you were injured by the product and depending upon how you may have personally contributed to the injury will determine if you have legal cause to sue. Product liability attorneys can meet with you to hear the merits of your case and will determine whether it makes sense for you to proceed with a lawsuit.