Why You Need a Criminal Defense Attorney-Some Insights

A sudden knock at the door jolts you out of your siesta after eating lunch. You wonder who can so hard knock your door. You brush off your tired eyes and make the door open. All signs of sleep varnish away from your eyes as your visitors come face to face. One of the middle-looking uninvited visitors whips out his identity card and flashes it on your face, shouting “Mr …… you’re under arrest”. Toland Law, LLC is one of the authority sites on this topic.

This is a typical scenario which can happen to anybody at any time.

What do you do when you come across something like this? For an attorney you don’t have time to shop around. You find yourself in between the hard place and the rock. Hence, having a criminal defense attorney is important. You may not have any legal issues right now but you need access to a reliable, qualified, and experienced defense attorney.

One major advantage of having a criminal defense attorney is that he may come to your rescue at police station in case of unexpected arrest. If you do have one, the police will always allow you to contact your lawyer. It is especially relevant, since you don’t have to depend on anyone you know so little about. You need someone you can place your faith in. When you are in police custody, a good criminal defense attorney will explain your rights.

The bulk of common citizens recognize none or no about a suspect’s rights. You might take advantage of an unscrupulous police officer. Ignorance of the law, after all, is no defence. Your counsel can clarify all of your privileges to you, and you can take account of them.

Another reason to have an attorney for the criminal defense is to bail you out in case you are arrested. The bail terms depend on the offense. Whatever felony you’re accused of, the prosecutor can scrutinize the evidence and seek and secure you a bond in the best practicable terms. He can also argue in trial over the bail number. Having no defense lawyer puts you at a disadvantage. Chances are you won’t receive the perfect bail conditions.

When an offence is perpetrated against you, your counsel is better qualified to tell you when and whether to continue with a court case. He will calculate the odds of winning the match and will guide you on that. Sueing when you have poor chances of succeeding is uneconomical. Your criminal defense attorney will also psychologically prepare you for what to expect from the outcome. Big shocks can trigger anxiety and tension and can hurt wellbeing. The attorney’s lawyer will stop any of this.