What You Need To Know About Your Speeding Ticket

Speeding tickets can be an expensive experience, particularly if you have that brand new car that just asks for its horsepower to be proven. learn more The good news is that you will contest a speeding ticket most times and have to save your points on your driver’s licence at least.

Here are a few tips that you can use when deciding to tackle a speeding ticket in your defence.

Is your state functioning under speed limits that are ‘absolute’ or ‘presumed’? You should check and see if your speeding ticket indicates you are reaching a presumed or absolute speed limit when you collect your ticket and respectfully thank the police officer for it. If you travel one mile over the speed limit, the absolute limit is when you are deemed to have committed a traffic violation. The assumed limit is when you are deemed to have committed a traffic violation when the speed limits are assumed to be breached.

You will want to take photos of the location where it happens and make notes of the time of day, traffic and weather conditions if you try to contest the speeding ticket and it is a suspected speeding ticket.

Get your defence prepared. The alleged speeding tickets are the easiest to combat since you can say that even though you were driving over speed limits, you can prove that you were driving under the existing traffic conditions and had the safety of the traffic in mind. If you are battling an absolute speeding ticket, your chances are that by charging you with a traffic violation the officer was wrong are slim.

You’ve got a Radar Protection option to use. You may use this form of protection to either obtain a presumed or absolute speeding ticket. The police officer is told by a radar system how fast the vehicle with the most dominant reflective surface is moving. It can’t calculate the distance or select one instead of another moving vehicle. In that respect, the police officer will make the call. In the case of radar defence, your defence might be that the radar picked up another vehicle that was travelling in dense traffic near you. Using the photos you took of the scene where you got your speeding ticket is the way to show that.