The Difference Between An In-House Digital Marketing Agency And An Outsourced Option

A digital marketing agency is quite different from your average marketing agency in the sense that they are usually much more focused on results-oriented marketing in the digital realm. While some businesses may balk at the thought of working with a digital marketing agency, the truth is that this type of marketing has the potential to do wonders for your business and reach customers in new and innovative ways that conventional marketing techniques can’t get you closer to. Marketing agencies still dance across both sides of the advertising line, frequently pushing either pure creative or conventional efforts. However, with the help of a good digital marketing agency, you can get your foot in within the door and onto the page quickly and efficiently. If you would like to learn more about this, please check out Schure Consulting LLC.
The difference between a traditional marketing agency and a digital marketing agency lies primarily in their focus. The traditional marketing agency generally works to simply sell you something – their product or service, in this case. In contrast, the digital marketing agency works to find a way to get your message into the mind and/or life of the customer. After all, while people may recognize your brand name, they probably haven’t heard your message until you’ve come into contact with them through a promotion or online advertisement, and they remember it when they next go shopping or check their email.
Digital agencies also have access to a wide range of tools that an in-house staff person might not have access to. For example, digital marketing agencies often have access to social media tools such as Twitter and Facebook, which can create a viral effect in terms of getting your message out quickly and broadly within the communities that your target audience frequent. In addition, these platforms make it much easier to find others who will be interested in your brand and product, allowing you to expand the scope of your advertising and see increased success in a short amount of time. Overall, digital marketing agencies provide you with the advantage of a high-powered and highly effective form of promotion.