Winter Vests

Think of the hypothalamus as the brain’s Goldilocks. This hormone regulation center reacts whether the central temperature of the body is too high, cold or “just right.” like the storied porridge of the Three Bears. Good thing, too, for most humans will only work inside ± 1 degree Celsius (cyclists, runners, hikers, paddlers and, yes, even climbers included).Do you want to learn more? Get More Information In any way, THERMAL STRESS happens when the heart is covered by raising blood pressure about 2.5 times in the cold and pushing 15X of the volume in the sun to the surface. The task for the outdoor competitor is to maintain this sensitive equilibrium and stave off hypothermia or hyperthermia even in the early stage. Step inside the vest. The primary mission of the vest is to guard the heart against the hazards of […]