SquidPoxy – Important Reminder!

SquidPoxy is dedicated to delivering only the best quality epoxies and epoxy sealants for the residential and commercial sectors alike. When it comes to epoxies, SquidPoxy is today a leading distributor specialized in art and crystal clear casting epoxies for various sectors, such as building construction, home improvement, decoration, furniture restoration, and so on. The company, in the recent past, has also changed its name to SquidPoxy and hence is dedicated to giving its customers high-quality crystal clear epoxy resin for all of their commercial, residential, or custom home improvement projects. This company also supplies other epoxies such as PVD (Pre-VDC), UV curing epoxies, and clear epoxies to suit different industrial or residential applications. Pop over to this web-site SquidPoxy SquidPoxy has two main categories, namely, the resin based paints and the clear epoxies. The resin based paints are specially designed […]