How Chiropractors Can Treat Back Pain

A chiropractor is an orthopedic health care practitioner dedicated to the diagnosis and remedy of motor neuromuscular diseases, with an emphasis upon manual manipulation and/or manual therapy of the soft spine. Chiropractic is usually classified as traditional alternative medicine or holistic medicine. Their main objective is the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of motor neuromuscular disease. There are several subspecialties of chiropractic such as Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM), sports medicine, cranial therapy, sports physical therapy, voice therapy and vision therapy. Chiropractors use different methods for treating their patients. Lone Star Spine and RehabĀ is an excellent resource for this. Chiropractors often concentrate on spinal manipulation and have high success rates when treating low back pain and neck pain. Many people seek chiropractic care for a variety of conditions, including migraine headaches, whiplash, temporomandibular joint syndrome, and facet syndrome, to name a few. […]