Buddhist Chant and Healing Sounds

Buddhist chanting, similar to Gregorian chant, is an incantation or hymn. Almost all Buddhism schools integrate, to one degree or another, Buddhist chant, or shomyo in Japanese. Singing and even just listening to chanting can also be said to bring in spiritual well-being through the emitted sound vibrations.Learn more about us at Chinnabanchorn Incantations Ever since my experience with the shakuhachi, the Japanese bamboo flute, which is said to be rooted in shomyo, I have had an interest in Buddhist music. I chant at the Shingon temple every morning, where I am a monk in Nara, Japan, as well as having regular evening community lessons. I also combine my shakuhachi sounds with the chanting during ceremonies. Various instruments such as bells, gongs, conch shells (Horagai) etc. are used within Buddhist chant, so that the tone colours of the shakuhachi match well […]