Breast Reconstruction: A New You

Females now-a-days undertake different plastic surgeries and get a flawless contour. Breasts are a major portion of the female body. Women opt for different procedures such as breast augmentation, boob work, breast implants, breast enhancement, etc. to improve the deformities or to beautify their breasts. Visit us for great deals in Arroyo Plastic Surgery at West Houston – Houston breast reconstruction What is breast rebuilding? Reconstruction of the breast is a type of surgery that replaces the breast such that it is exactly the same size and shape as before. The nipple and areola can also be added to one (darker area around the nipple). Often, because of cancer, people experience breast reduction or mastectomy. Reconstruction can occur in most people who have undergone a mastectomy. If only the section of the breast around the cancer is extracted, an individual does […]