Brazilian waxing is widespread and with good cause.

Hair removal offers women a sense of liberation, cleanliness, sexiness and encourages bikinis and lingerie to be worn without revealing noticeable hair and, last but not least, it is very attractive for most guys. Our website provides info about the Brazillian style. Let’s read more about Brazilian style waxing. Since the late 1990s, Brazilian bikini waxes have become a big fashion sensation with many popular celebrities doing it, with more women already taking their example than ever before. In 1987, a community of Brazilian sisters brought Brazilian waxing to New York, where the waxing treatment derives its name from. Wax & Brazilian Wax bikini The Brazilian wax, on the other side, extracts hair from the front, back and all in between, just the hair that is noticeable around the bikini region. A ‘landing strip’ exists at the front for many citizens, […]