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If you are in the unfortunate spot of being faced with criminal charges, choosing the right criminal defense lawyer is crucial. The right attorney can help in fighting the charges against you, while assuring you have a fair day in court. But how to you know where to find the attorney for you? In this article, we will outline the steps necessary to finding your ideal criminal defense lawyer. Summit Defense offers excellent info on this.

Step 1 – Talk to close family and friends to get recommendations. These are the people who will support you no matter what. Chances are they will be able to recommend lawyers who have helped them out in the past or at least point you In the right direction. As this group of people are intent on seeing you obtain the best representation available, this is the first, and in some cases, the best place to start looking.

Step 2 – Once you’ve got a candidate, inquire as to whether the attorney has admittance to the state bar in which the charges have been filed against you. Many attorneys have the ability to practice in multiple states, however it is important that the attorney you hire be well aware of all aspects surrounding the law in the state where the case will be heard.

Step 3 – Set up a meeting with the criminal defense lawyer. If you are fortunate to be out on bail, it is recommended you set up a meeting in person. Ask them to provide you with all necessary information pertaining to the case, including their defense tactics, the prosecution’s case, and what to expect throughout the process. It is important to find someone who is able to understand each nuance of the case at hand. They should be personable and able to speak to you as they would a prospective jury member.

Step 4 – Obtain a list of references for the criminal defense lawyer. A quality attorney should always be able to provide clients with the names and number of past clients whom they have helped. Once you have a list, contact each person and ask questions pertaining to their satisfaction with the service provided by the attorney. These past clients should have had their case heard in the same jurisdiction as you, and be happy with the experience involving the attorney in question.

Step 5 – Make a decision. If you find yourself questioning whether or not to choose a particular attorney, you may want to look elsewhere. Trust your gut, and go with someone you can trust. Keep in mind that you will be hiring this individual to fight for your freedom. It’s OK to be a little picky.