Structured Filtered Water – Not Just Your Average Water!

Uh, bath… It’s not going to get any better than that, right? And if our bodies, like the earth, are mainly constructed of water, it is an aspect that much of the world takes for granted (that is until it is in short supply). They will more definitely say no if you questioned anyone on the street if water provides medicinal advantages beyond hydration. The truth is that water is one of man’s best recognised healing agents, and because it’s so easy, not heroic or costly… This could be the explanation why it is not seriously taken. We are at the beginning of a scientific field that is well past only consuming ‘filtered’ water; the science has progressed to the extent that, without the side effects, water has become as effective as many of the medications currently marketed! Check This Out
We are being exposed to an age of water science that is acquiring a reputation that has never been seen in history before. The several advantages that ‘altered’ water provides are now being taken more seriously as the thesis unfolds (Note: a lot more testing needs to be done). How this restructured water impacts the human body and how it exposes its proposed medicinal side is one such field where there is a great deal of concern. A short list of advantages that are now beginning to emerge include, but are not limited to, when the pH is raised, becoming an effective antioxidant. The method of changing the composition of the waters frees up bound ‘electrons’ and are now usable for medicinal usage in the body. This electrical activity upsurge is recognised as a rise in ORP (oxygen removal potential); the mechanism renders water rich in highly active electrons. Because of the molecules that make up water, cluster or group together, water is not quite bioavailable or ‘productive’ in its natural state. This reduces the potential of molecules to join and hydrate the cell. Although as you adjust water’s molecular and atomic composition, it improves water’s bioavailability, which has far-reaching advantages.
At this point of history, water has been a significant player in the usage of water as a healing agent for all of those individuals who have started to realise that taking care of their wellbeing needs some commitment. It was claimed back in the day that only cleaning water was enough to keep it safe. But now, through technical advancements, devices have been developed that can turn anything as basic as water into a very effective therapeutic agent. For eg, acid water (produced in electric ionisers as opposed to media-based units) can be used to clean and sterilise counter tops (2), and can also be used to clean and preserve the skin! Ionized water has several applications.
Usually, the instruments that get much of the press nowadays are labelled water ionizers/alkalizers. There are several variations of them on the web that are being sold; some are fine, while others are… Not too many. To manufacture ionised water, some use electricity, while others use a mineral medium to achieve the same purpose. There are instruments that can take the fundamental molecule of water and transform it into a force for good. This is an interesting innovation, so it’s not a fair playing field. So, you might be quite confused unless you realise who you are working with and have informed yourself on what is being given.
If the water is made the correct way, ionised high ORP water may give several advantages. Join the folks who market these tools. While the field has a far stronger safety record than ‘main line’ medicine when it comes to the natural health market, there are many (even in the water field) that get into the company only to earn profits, and for no other cause. This means that they can utter something, offer anything and rely on the shortcomings of others to make a buck.
So, there is so much ground to explore when it comes to water ionisers with respect to what you can know about before you purchase and why. If you intend to purchase one of these devices, it can be a technological and scholastic area of mine to venture out on the web to inform yourself.