Security Camera Styles

There are a number of features and choices to consider when choosing a security camera; but the first normal decision is the design that is required. From bullet to dome type cameras; lots of options are available. Security Systems Near Me offers excellent info on this.

Security Cameras in Dome Form3

A dome camera is a housing in the shape of a half sphere with a monitor inside that is tightly positioned to look out through the roof. Normally these cameras are used when a solution which is heavy duty and often vandal resistant is required. This type of security camera can also be easily mounted onto a wall or ceiling via its flat base.3

Furthermore, often these cameras will deliver pan / tilt solutions at a far more affordable rate than it would be to make this feature work by another type.

Googling the KPC-DNN100 will provide a clear example of that type of cctv camera.

Bullet Security Cameras

This style is often used in outdoor applications, often called lipstick cameras (due to the long cylindrical shape there). These cameras offer many features including IR capabilities, indoor / outdoor use, sunshields, and weatherproof enclosures. When mounting, bullet cameras need a little more research because they must use a separate mount to protect the house.

Googling the KPC-N300NN will provide a clear example of the cctv camera theme.

Safety Cameras Type Box (C / CS Mount)

C /3 CS mount security cameras are one of the most widely pictured and recognized camera types; however, when contrasted with dome and bullet style cameras, these cameras have a major downfall. The explanation for this is that they would require an extra housing enclosure to better secure and cope with external factors. Additionally, this style surveillance camera needs an additional lens mounted on it; where security cameras have their lenses integrated as most dome and bullet style.

Googling the CLD54D will find a clear example of that type of cctv camera.

Mini & Security Board Cameras

Mini and board cameras are smaller form factor control cameras that are usually only a few inches in size. Sometimes, these cameras are the camera located within a dome camera housing; and they are often widely used for custom covert surveillance applications.

Googling the 15-CG35 will find a good example of those type cctv cameras.

Covert Security Cameras

Covert cameras are anything from custom-made solutions to specifically designed gadgets that mask a camera like household products like alarm clocks, sunglasses, smoke detectors, etc …3

Googling the COP-USA SG35 will find a good example of a preconceived covert solution.3

All of the various surveillance cameras in style have their pros and cons, and it really depends on your monitoring application. For example, if you are looking for an outdoor solution with IR capabilities; instead of a C / CS solution, you may want to look at dome style and bullet style models. But, on the flip side if you appreciate a little more versatility and exchange of lenses; then it would be a better choice to opt for a traditional solution in the box form.