Safe to Use Mosquito Repellants

The vast majority of commercial mosquito repellants contain dangerous ingredients that you don’t want to place on the elderly or small children. Exposure to all of these chemicals has not proved entirely safe for everyone. In the future, it will be several years before we fully grasp the implications of daily use of those chemicals. There are alternative measures you can take to avoid feasting the little vampires, so that everyone can go out and enjoy the festivities.

One of the best mosquito repellants you can use right now in your cupboard, you just take a damp cloth and put some pure vanilla on it and scrub the pure vanilla over the exposed skin of the person you are trying to protect. Mosquito’s just don’t like the pure vanilla scent and won’t bite. You have to make sure that one hundred per cent of the vanilla you have is pure and not a vanilla imitation. The imitation versions don’t repel the biting insects and can even lure the child with other biting

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Don’t forget that wearing adequate clothing is the best defense you have against these nocturnal enemies. You want to dress in sleeved clothing so you can cover more exposed skin. Not only does the exposed skin allow the bugs to picnic somewhere it also leaves more skin available to send out an attractive scent.

If you’ve ever noticed some people appear to get bitten by the mosquito more frequently than others do. Scientists say this has to do with natural bacteria that attract the little biting insects on the surface of our skin. On the skin of all human beings, the bacteria are always present, but some people have more than others, and these people are bitten more. Bathing won’t remove the bacteria, but it can mask the scent to confuse the bugs into flying on past.

Note that in the yard there are certain animals on the bushes and grasses. Keep kids play amid bushes or in tall grasses. You can also plant shrubbery which repels these creatures near areas where children and adults are most likely to gather. Such natural repellant shrubs will give off a smell that the bugs consider repulsive and search for lunch somewhere else.