Reasons For Undergoing Breast Reconstruction

Breast reconstruction is a surgical procedure performed by plastic surgeons requiring bosom tissue reconstruction in both males and females. Different individuals undergo bosom reconstruction for different purposes, but it is primarily done for correction of their personal image and to restore their self confidence. 
For both men and women undergoing breast reconstruction, below are the five most common explanations. Have a look at V Plastic Surgery of Monmouth County | Rahul Vemula, MD, FACS – West Long Branch breast reconstruction
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1. As the only treatment for cancer here is the elimination of diseased tissues by extracting the bosom, certain people lose 1 or 2 of their breasts to breast cancer. While breast removal in men with bosom cancer is not a major concern, it is a demoralizing problem for women.
For the rehabilitation of bosom muscles and skin tissues, breast reconstruction is then included. This may be achieved by skin grafts from the patient’s or a donor’s body which can even require the usage of a prosthetic implant.
2. Breast restoration is used to restore saggy bosoms that can not be replaced by bosom lifts. By reconstructing the muscles that lose elasticity over time, Bosom restoration here aims to bring back the original shape of breasts. Often an implant can also be inserted during bosom reconstruction.
3. Via bosom reconstruction, patients that only need reconstruction of the nipple or areola may get it completed. This is a typical cause for reconstruction of the bosom of men recovering from bosom cancer, where the nipple or areola is reconstructed using skin grafts from various parts of the body of the recipient or by contributing another person’s skin graft.
4. Breast reconstruction helps increase one’s self-esteem that is lost due to cancer or some accident through the removal of one or both breasts. A professional cosmetic surgeon can redesign the breasts so that they appear symmetric and identical to the breasts before cancer or the injury.
5. If breast reconstruction is necessary, insurance costs are covered, which is another reason for reconstruction of the breasts. It is important, though, that the patient demonstrate confirmation that the treatment is necessary. They will have to show that it is an injury or condition that contributes to breast deformation, which in turn leads to the requirement for rehabilitation of the bosom.