Popular Metal Roofing Products

Today, there is a broad selection of metal roofing items on the market. Most of these materials are more costly than traditional fibreglass and asphalt shingles, but they are viable alternatives for both residential and commercial roofing applications due to their toughness and extended life spans.

Below is a list of the most common items for metal roofing:

The roofing material that is frequently used in sheds and barns is corrugated galvanised iron, or CGI. This inexpensive and lightweight steel roofing is still used for residential purposes in developing countries, but the issue with CGI is that even though it has been galvanised, rusting is unavoidable over time.Learn more about this at shingles pain.

Because of its corrosion resistance and long life, Galvalume is a blend of steel, zinc, and aluminium, and is one of the strongest roofing materials. It is solid and lightweight, but when exposed to the elements, it will not crack or peel. Galvalume is a factory painting that provides an extra layer of security and offers the consumer a wide variety of colours to choose from.

Stone Coated Steel consists of steel structural grade panels coated with an aluminium-zinc alloy resistant to corrosion, topped with a layer of chips of granite stone. To improve ultraviolet resistance and provide the panels with colour, the stone chips are ceramic coated. This form of roofing is very robust and is generally guaranteed to withstand damage up to 2.5 in diameter from hailstones.

For those that place a premium on quality, aluminium is the metal roof of choice. Aluminum is a lightweight and very durable metal that can be moulded into complex designs. Due to its resistance to rust and corrosion, it is a common roofing material on the coastal region. An additional benefit of aluminium is that it is environmentally friendly-it is fully recyclable.

Stainless Steel is an alloy containing at least 10.5 percent chromium that gives the material an intrinsic ability to protect itself against corrosion. Chromium forms an invisible protective layer on the steel and, if the panel is destroyed, to regenerate the protective film, the chromium reacts with oxygen present in the air. Initially, stainless steel prices are usually higher than other m m

Copper roofing is expensive, but has some beneficial properties. Due to the fact that it is highly fire resistant, it can also extinguish small embers, it is common in areas prone to forest fires. In areas with heavy snow falls, it is also favoured as the snow can easily slip off a roof with an ample slope, making the risk of a roof collapse almost non-existent. Copper is susceptible.