Organising A Male Strip Show for Your Stage Party

Many men think it’s appropriate to have a strip show at a stag party. Whether the stag himself wishes to have a naked woman dancing on his lap or not, at least one member of the stag community would so insistently suggest that you as the leader of the stag party could end up giving in. find more

Before fitting a strip show into the stag party activities of your group the first thing you should consider is to talk about it with the stag. Many engaged men may not feel comfortable with the idea, and if the stag ends up hiding in a closet, what is really a stag party?

Some would consider it ok, as long as no one outside the stag circle talks about it. While others would say no to a private strip show, and yes to a public strip club, where if his future bride ever gets the wind of their party entertainment, the stag can have some strong arguments.

If you do want to go to a strip club instead, one thing you should consider — it may be less incriminating but more costly. If you’re on a tight budget, your best and only alternative is to recruit strippers to do a private strip show for the party. And you can do this work even for the most reluctant stag, if you set some restrictions and make sure that not a word of it will ever make it into the circle of friends of his future bride. Recall the one strict rule that every stag party should be honored with: mum’s the term!

So you’ve persuaded the stag and you’re all set to recruit ladies in a private strip show all your own to strut their exotic moves into. The next step is to find a professional stag party event planner who can hook you up with a variety of strippers to match the needs of your community. He will also be able to advise you on the strippers ‘ hourly rates, and on what you can and can not do while working with them.

For a stag party of five people, one single stripper should be enough to perform a strip show, and two if that amount exceeds. Also, you should remember to book the girls for an extra hour or two so that they can hang out with the boys. Neither is tipping the girls a bad idea, particularly if they’ve put on a good show.