Luxury Vinyl Tile Charlotte NC – Reality

When it comes to flooring in your house, today you have a wide variety of options. You can go on ceramic tile, or hardwood flooring, but it can be on the costly side. Laminate floors are more affordable but are often not as durable as they look. Luxury vinyl tile flooring, mixing the best of all worlds when it comes to hardwood and laminate, is the most affordable option all around. Luxury Vinyl Tile Charlotte NC offers excellent info on this.

The Basic Differences between Laminate and Vinyl Luxury

Of course the first big difference between these two common flooring models is the price. Depending on the grade, laminate flooring can be very inexpensive, but there are luxury vinyl types that can be found in most price ranges today, especially if you buy from flooring centres that offer price packages and discounts. On average it is possible to have luxurious vinyl from.99 / square foot to $5 / square foot for anywhere.

Where the style of luxury has beaten laminate flooring, its longevity is in. Laminate can be very durable depending on the brand and design, but most of the durability requirements in tiling often rely on the thickness of the material. Most luxury vinyl is at least 2 mil., much thicker than the typical laminate flooring grade.

Luxury vinyl tile also has other qualities that make it a much better option for most homes , especially in severe climates, and high-traffic areas for use. Many luxury vinyl tile brands come with additives that make them scratch-resistant, water-proof, an antioxidant that proves it against mould and mildew, and some also have the added benefit of being highly hypoallergenic. Could not say the same about Laminate.

Easier to hold

Also this type of flooring is ideal for use in homes with children and pets. The resistance to scuff helps you avoid dealing with many marks on any flooring surface, and the resistance to moisture is particularly handy with young animals that may not be as damaged as you might want. Even those types that mimic the appearance of other materials such as stone, hardwood flooring and tile can be very easy to clean and maintain without having to clean them with a lot of chemicals.

Spills and other incidents are not a concern, as these flooring types do not absorb moisture, odours and are highly resistant to chip. All you need to keep your luxury vinyl tile shine looking good is to wet it frequently, as well as sweeping or running a dust mop over it periodically. Unlike laminate flooring and other fabrics, you don’t need to buy special cleaners, reapply finishing solutions or buff and wax solutions. Simple to use on budget and homework