Klitschko wants to Install a Flagpole over 47 million-Brief Notes

You can proudly display your company flag outside your store front along with Old Glory. To remind: The American Flag is never to be displayed under any other flag and is always the top flag displayed on a pole. When displaying more than one flag on the same flagpole, the American Flag is to be flown first in the top left-hand corner of the flagpoles. On bad weather, such as low light or storm conditions, the American Flag can be hoisted to the top left-hand corner of the pole in a specially designed triangular shape to warn people of the approaching danger. More info available on this site.

American and State flags can also be displayed on flagpoles, walls, buildings and other structures and taken with you in the car. American and State flags, like other American Flags, are great for attracting local and visiting visitors. As well, there are many ways to add a touch of patriotism to the decor of your office or home by using American and State flags, flag pom-poms, wave flag kits, National Stars and Stripes, pennant strings, bunting, tape, welcome mats and welcome signs. Many other companies offer a wide range of high-quality, colorful products to meet all your needs.

Many of these products are sold with registration cards that include a small portion of the National Flag. Some companies also offer other added incentives, such as a free water bottle or can, or a can or mug with the National Flag. There is even an American and State Flag printed on a shirt that can be taken to a beach, stadium or other location. A truly patriotic item can help raise the morale and attitude of many employees and visitors alike. And that’s the main point of these promotional products – they help increase morale! Consider American and State flags, wave flag marketing kits, reusable bags, souvenir items, and more to increase your bottom line.