Guidelines about Newell Strength

Develop Your Strengths Understanding your strengths provides a strong base for potential construction. They are the best base you can build upon. You need to learn your strengths, grow your strengths, observe your strengths and take care of your strengths. Strengths require nurturing and should not easily be taken for granted. Strengths are not only what we understand for ourselves, but how the same attributes that we carry and hold are viewed by others. Although our strengths are important, there is a danger that you do not know your strengths and talents accurately. They also become professionals at describing their own flaws as people evolve and spend time attempting to overcome these faults rather than building on their strengths. As a consequence, some of their strengths can be latent and neglected, resulting in these strengths being undeveloped and anthropic overtime. However, if you are completely conscious of your strengths and trust them, you can do stuff that in the past you may have been far more reluctant about. You become increasingly confident in their importance and implementation as you exploit your strengths. Have a look at Newell Strength for more info on this.

My teachers had it wrong when I went to high school. They actually encouraged them to have the right answer to a problem instead of encouraging their students to learn the right thinking required to solve a problem. My shortcomings and not my strengths were exacerbated by their answer-based rather than thought-based emphasis on education. My impressions of the motivations of my teachers were in fact, less than welcome.

So, with the impression that I was just not wise, I got out of high school. I had no idea what to do with myself and I didn’t even know what my strengths were.

After deciding to explore what I loved, because, well why the fuck not… I found I had some strengths that never seemed like strengths before. My life has been infinitely more satisfying ever since this point.