Guidelines about Local Brand Advisor

Well, those good franchisors never get promoted and never get sold, but by keeping commissions low and saving money to improve their franchise system in turn, they are the truest to their team and systems. So the company brokers charge the franchisors a lot of money, bait and switch call ins for a particular franchise for a dry cleaner or a car wash or something that can turn on a huge commission and quick buck. Local Brand Advisor is an excellent resource for this. And because they are simply a finder’s fee player, they can give earnings claims if you don’t think this happens, check out a recent FTC opinion on business brokers. Then, understanding the tough nature of the franchising industry, business brokers tell buyers that the franchises are not good and ask how much revenue the buyer will make and if the franchisor cannot respond, don’t buy it. But in franchising, where business brokers do not, we have laws on earnings claims. They have books and accounts to show the buyers of companies that come to the offices of business brokers.But alas, everyone knows that the volume drops by at least 20 percent when the original owners of a company leave because the new owner is not a familiar face, so the old customers start shopping around and the excuse is that they have no loyalty to the new buyer, as they have always done business with Bob or Sam or the Smith family, you see? The company brokers have a disclaimer that says that when you buy a company, you know that they are not responsible for any information you receive during the sale? Interesting because they are the evaluators, know the history, tell you that the franchisors are not to be trusted because they do not provide comprehensive sets of earnings claims for the most part. Because why? Because of lawyers and lawsuits and the loss of proprietary information in disclosures and adequate and unverifiable data.