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Second, bear in mind that your payments to the trustee start immediately, but you must physically deliver your payments directly to the trustee before the payroll deduction begins. The first due date will be 30 days after the day we filed the bankruptcy petition for a case in Dallas. This part is extremely important: your case will be dismissed if you miss your first payment. The first several months of the case are like a “trial period” for the trustee or being on probation” The period of time is where you attempt to show that you are responsible enough to be allowed to do Chapter 13, and when you and your lawyer together prove to the bankruptcy trustee that your Chapter 13 strategy will actually work with your mortgage company and other creditors to bring you back into good standing. Bankruptcy law demands that the plan be’ realistic’ and when the Trustee takes a look at your payment history, the most important part of the decision is to see if you have shown a willingness to keep up with and make all the payments for the plan when they are due. You have doomed your own case if you fall behind with your Trustee payments and don’t catch up with them immediately. Feel free to visit their website at Colleen Marie & Associates for more details.
Third, please ensure that your full name and the court’s case number are written right on the front of any payment you submit. There are several thousands of files to supervise your Chapter 13 Trustee, and you don’t want your payout postponed because it was lost in the mix and didn’t fit your case. Many trustees may not allow personal checks, so give a money order or cashier’s check and make sure you save the receipt. Also, make sure you submit it to the correct venue. A Memphis, TN address is used by all the Trustees in North Texas (which is on the initial paperwork that the Trustee sends).