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Compatibility – The next step should be to interview the main players in an attempt to improve your compatibility with them, after you have decided that a contractor has the confidence, expertise and credibility to do the job. You may wish to meet with the company’s owner, the planner and the project manager, depending on the size and nature of the project. All of these may be the same person or multiple members of a team. Note, you have already decided that the contractor is capable of doing the job, so the interviews should concentrate on how you feel about each team member and how they connect with you and each other. Let’s take a look at each position as it applies to your project. Do you want to learn more? Click Austin Kitchen Remodeling Association.

Have a look at their affiliations, then. Do they belong to any technical associations, such as the National Kitchen and Bath Association or the Remodelling Industry National Association? Are they employees of the Bureau for Better Business?

Finally, ensure that they have the right insurance policy. They should provide at least $2 million in liability insurance and workers’ compensation benefits for all of their direct employees. For sub-contractors, the general contractor should be named on the sub’s insurance certificate as “additional insured”. Your contractor will expose you to the most crippling of all hidden costs without the proper insurance policy, one that may very well cost you everything you own.

Experience – While experience is definitely valuable, be wary of this one. Being in business for 20 years doesn’t say much about the capacity of the contractor to produce a quality project on schedule and within budget. By demanding references, the best way to look at this one is. There’s a good tip here. Ask for nine references – three from the projects they completed a few years back, three from the projects they completed last year and three from the projects they are currently working on. You do not have to contact all of them but if you speak to at least one in each group, you can get a more complete photo.