Floor Care Specialists

Wooden repair The fibers of the wood sometimes fill with clay. Using a sanding machine we can eliminate the same. We’ll apply a sealant after the dirt is removed. Once dried we sand the wood further to remove any scratches from previous sanding and make the wood smooth. Polish is added according to wood color. Finally, to protect it, a top coat is sprayed over the flooring.You may want to check out A modern marvel: The Hoover Dam for more.

Marble diamond polish We use a 3-step process to bring a mirror-like finish to marble floors. Grinding is the first step in the process of polishing marbles. This is achieved with a metal-bonded diamond grit that grinds the stone roughly away leaving it flat, but with a rough finish. The process of grinding leads to the removal of stains, scratches, roughness and evens the marble.

Upon cleaning, the floor is painted using higher-grit synthetic diamonds to improve the natural shine of marble floor. Each grade of industrial diamond used is gradually finer to remove the scratches left by the previous grade in the stone. The scratches will not eventually become visible to the naked eye, allowing the light to reflect off the stone.

Crystallization, which is also the final step, is a finishing method for marble floors. This gives a’ mirror-like’ glow by chemical reaction on the marble surface. Crystallization often produces a microfilm on the marble surface that is more robust and stable and helps preserve the stone’s quality and clarity. Super flash for marble After the marble has been painted with diamonds, you can apply for an optional, top-up polishing service called’ Super Glow.’