Easy Details Perth Skirting Boards Installation


First of all, before you even think about fitting your skirting boards, place all the skirting boards on some braids or something similar and then paint them all to the finish you want (it’s so easy).You may find more details about this at Perth Skirting Boards Supplier

After finishing the last coat and letting it dry, you need to cut, mitre and scribe all the skirting boards and position them in the room. Once you’ve finished fitting all the skirting boards, go around with a mastic gun using caulk decorators (which can be bought from any DIY shop for a few pounds or pence) and fill in any nail holes and gaps.

A little tip-if you already paint your walls (rather than wallpapering them) and you notice that there is a gap between your painted skirting board and the wall, then you can use mastic to cover the gap and have a professional finish. You can get mastic in a variety of colours to match the colour you’ve already painted from any DIY store.

If you’re thinking of redecorating your house, one of the things you may want to do is add skirting boards if you don’t have them yet. Flooring, or baseboards, as the Americans call them, are wood panels fixed to the wall right where it meets the floor. They ‘re a form of wood moulding, and they come in several different sizes, shapes, and finishes.

Why should you install skirting boards as part of your redecoration efforts? There are several factors that might cause you to put baseboards in your home, but the most common reasons include the fact that they can protect your walls, they can cover unsightly wires, and they can give a distinct look and character to any room.

Skirting boards as the walls’ defence