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Yes, we all want to get the best deal out there and, though investing as little as we can, earn as much as we can. It’s human nature. But note, it’s a delicate act of equilibrium. Back in 1984, when I first started out as a house painting contractor here in the Chicago area, one of my best clients told me that there were three things I could give my clients. He taught me that every offer had three core aspects. Good production, good service and a good price were the three factors. But then he told me that I could only give two of those three items to my customers. In fact, he told me to ask my clients to pick the two they preferred. Economic laws forbid someone from spending a little and having a great deal. None of us can expect all three items (good quality, good service, good price) to finagle our way in. This can’t be achieved. No painting contractor in the world wants to work for free …. or even for peanuts, nor should they be able to. Browse this site listing about Image Line Painting-Painting Contractor
Furthermore, the same rule applies to him if the painting contractor pays his painters very little. His painters, who earn just $14 per hour, know only what a painter of $14 per hour can know and produce only what can produce a dollar of $14 per hour. This is because the stronger, competent, highly productive, skilled painters rightfully insist on getting more paid. In the United States, many painters earn over $20, $30, and $50 an hour. It’s a reality. So, think twice before you hire the guy who told you what a wonderful job, he was going to do at half the cost of all the other painting contractors. This economic scenario also applies not only to painters, but to every occupation everywhere. It even refers to you