Details about SEO problems killing your website

Many webmasters often wonder what the best ways are to get their website indexed by Google as quickly as possible – in fact, some webmasters will even go to the lengths of hiring people to try to ensure a fast indexation. The truth is, it’s not necessary to spend money on this type of service – all that’s required is to think of a few websites which are crawled fairly readily, and then post a link to your website on these resources. Google, and other major search engines, will then crawl the link, and hopefully index your website fairly readily. Feel free to visit for more details.

One of the best ways to do this is to submit an article to an article directory, post a comment on a prominent website which is featured in Google News or Yahoo! News (these sites are typically crawled every 20-odd minutes) or even to pursue the more conventional strategy of adding your URL to Google. The best strategy is a combination of all three – once you have done this, you can expect for your website to be indexed within one or two days.

How do I build links to my website?
If you have any knowledge about SEO whatsoever, then you will know that link building is a crucial component in increasing your visibility in search – search engines look to link like votes in favour of your website, theoretically speaking the more links you have pointing into your website, the more likely your website is to rank for a wider range of relevant terms.

However, when it comes to link building not all links are created equal – this means you need to focus on building high quality links form relevant and authoritative websites. There are literally hundreds of link building mechanisms, and we will run through some of the more popular options below:

Article Marketing: The content you are reading right now has been posted as an article. Article submissions, on relevant and relatively authoritative websites like EzineArticles, are a good way to bolster your link profile.

Directory Submissions: Directory submissions are another popular link building mechanism. However, when it comes to submitting to web directories, you have to be cautious about where you are submitting to. Make sure the directory has been indexed and also check to see whether the category you are submitting to has a recent cache date.

Social Bookmarking: Many people avoid social bookmarking because they are concerned about the no follow aspect of acquiring links – however, social bookmarking links, despite the fact that many of them are no followed, represent a good method for balancing out your link profile and making it appear more natural.

Press Release Distribution: Press Releases work much in the same way as article submissions – you put together a piece about a recent news event involving your company, and then submit your release via popular press release hubs.

The benefit to press release submissions it they further diversify your backlink profile and they typically also let you include up to four backlinks pointing to different pages on your website.