Commercial Bounce Houses – Choosing the Right Material

Bounce houses come in all shapes and sizes and you should carefully consider each factor before buying one. In general, you can choose from either plastic or inflatable versions. Although polystyrene is by far the most common material used, vinyl is also a good option. Vinyl is quite durable and comes in a variety of designs. Zephyrhills Commercial Bounce Houses Association is an excellent resource for this.

While vinyl is a popular material for residential bounce houses, it isn’t quite as durable as polyester. PVC is lightweight, strong, and almost indestructible but it is less durable than polyester. Polyester usually is not chosen for residential bounce houses because it is too light and easily damaged. Polyester is often chosen because it has an even lighter weight, is sturdier, and is less susceptible to sagging over time. PVC is great for inflatable jumpers because it is less likely to split as well.

The number one reason to purchase commercial bounce houses in the backyard is safety. A well-made PVC or vinyl enclosure will be crush-proof, which means that even if someone does manage to get their knee in the bouncer and bounce out, they won’t be injured. Another benefit of PVC or vinyl jumpers is that they are highly reusable. They can be washed and refilled with air, thus eliminating the need to buy new units each time they become damaged. This also reduces waste since unused air blowers can be recycled and used on other commercial Bounce House systems.

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