Choose Reputable Tow Truck Companies For Safe Vehicle Transport

It is important to only use a qualified, trustworthy company when you need tow truck. Incorrectly secured vehicles can harm transport, causing problems down the road for you. When you need a tow truck’s services the chance is that you already have a rough day-don’t let a horrible towing experience make things worse. Visit Toronto Ontario.

For many newer cars, Flatbed Towing Car manufacturers suggest flatbed towing to prevent damage to their power train, shocks, and other parts. While some fly-by-night companies will tow any vehicle as easily as possible, if your vehicle needs to be transported on a flatbed, a trained tow truck driver will know if. Make sure to tell them what kind of vehicle you’re driving when you call the towing service, and ask if it needs to go on a flatbed.

Proper securing To ensure that your vehicle does not fall off a tow truck with a flatbed, it must be secured at all four points. Few companies are using modern type wheel chains to attach the tires to the bed themselves, but most are using conventional hooks and chains. Disreputable companies can tie the car down at the most suitable point, regardless of whether an anchor can be safely placed there. Reputable towing companies should also take the time to ensure that each chain is properly assembled and that your vehicle is secured properly. This takes several minutes longer, but it is important to properly chain down the vehicle to ensure it is secure and will not be harmed in transport.

Uniform Tension Even if your car or truck appears to be properly secured on a flatbed tow truck, if not tightened correctly, the 4-point tie-down system will actually cause damage. Uneven pressure will twist the vehicle’s frame so make sure your tow truck driver evenly distributes the chain tension when securing your vehicle.

You should be able to avoid damage to your car by keeping an eye out for these issues with the towing. Don’t forget that just ask if you have any questions! Any reliable tow truck service or driver will take the time to answer your questions and clarify their safety procedures and their processes. So, being confident that your car is in safe hands, you can rest assured.