A water leak will cause a severe problem in your home no matter where you live. Getting to know common causes of water leaks and learning the best ways to avoid and fix them will save lots of time, money and trouble for you and your family. Although each leak is different and depends on your location, type of home and a number of other variables, the ideal way to start when you inspect your home for potential water damage is to go through the following checklist. COMMON CAUSES OF WATER DAMAGE IN A HOME – Reality Paper offers excellent info on this. The kitchen is the first place to look. Water leaks are common and occur in kitchens frequently. To ensure that it is firm and creates a complete seal, check all the caulking around the drain. If any cracks are […]

Proper Mold Removal and Remediation Contractors – Best Practices

If mold removal is not done in accordance with industry standards, there is a strong possibility that it will reappear, and possibly in other structural areas. The restoration industry contains all types of methods out there. Be sure to get a contractor who understands your needs for decontamination and drying, both personal and structural. It is not enough just for simple demolition and/or removal. Proper steps would include configuration and containment of the area of work in question. Only then can the professional proceed with the methodology necessary to completely get rid of the mold and the residual mold spores. This would usually include the cleaning of drywall, baseboards, some trimming, wainscoting, and any other accessories that may be compromised. check it out It is best to have a good air quality test done by a third party company that has […]