Cannabis and The Void

Sometimes a huge hole (or void) is created inside them when people give up smoking cannabis. They are left with a sense of emptiness and depression. It’s like we’re missing something. Something you enjoy has now gone, and because you want the feeling back, you feel sorrow.Have a look at Evergreen Market | North Renton Cannabis Dispensary – dispensaries near SeaTac for more info on this.

Actually the fact is that you don’t want marijuana back, but you want the FEELING that marijuana has brought you back.

I also hear that many users claim they find it hard to cope with this shift that their body is going through. My advice about this topic is always the same…

Learn something new.

You see, you feel like there’s something you’re missing. Everything has gone away, something has fallen from the face of the earth, and you want it back. Ok, instead of going in a hopeless loop and going back….

Giving up a few days later, then smoking,

Giving up a few days later, then smoking,

Giving up a few days later, then smoking,

Try to fill in The Gap! I know exactly what it’s like as an ex-user, and today I’m going to share with you the exact thing I used to fill my void with. There are actually two things.

  1. For golf. I absolutely love playing golf and I never played as much as I liked to because I used to smoke weed. But I went and played golf several times a week after I gave up smoking weed. I have earned two great benefits from playing golf. First of all, I was doing some well-needed exercise outside that also helped me sleep at night, and secondly, it filled The Gap.
  2. Rich Think and Grow. This is a great book that gave me additional enthusiasm for giving up smoking, but also for improving myself in all aspects of life. It gave me meaning in my life by studying and reading and opened me to a world I never knew. The author Napoleon Hill was a great guy for sharing, and back in the 1930s he shared this brilliant book with us. It’s strength and the possibility is just mind blowing.