Breast Reconstruction: A New You

Females now-a-days undertake different plastic surgeries and get a flawless contour. Breasts are a major portion of the female body. Women opt for different procedures such as breast augmentation, boob work, breast implants, breast enhancement, etc. to improve the deformities or to beautify their breasts. Visit us for great deals in Arroyo Plastic Surgery at West Houston – Houston breast reconstruction
What is breast rebuilding?
Reconstruction of the breast is a type of surgery that replaces the breast such that it is exactly the same size and shape as before. The nipple and areola can also be added to one (darker area around the nipple). Often, because of cancer, people experience breast reduction or mastectomy. Reconstruction can occur in most people who have undergone a mastectomy. If only the section of the breast around the cancer is extracted, an individual does not require breast reconstruction (lumpectomy). Breast restoration procedure is carried out by cosmetic surgeons.
There are different breast reconstruction techniques. Some of them here are listed as follows:
Breast Implant for Tissue Expander:
A staged technique is used in post-mastectomy regeneration using a tissue expander and implant. A tissue expander is a temporary instrument that is inserted deep into the pectoralis major muscle on the chest wall. This may be performed directly, or as a delayed process, during the mastectomy. The aim of the expander is to build a soft pocket for the permanent implant to contain. Tissue expanders in a range of shapes and sizes are available.
Straight to implant:
In chosen patients, post-mastectomy reconstruction with a direct-to-implant or “one-step” procedure facilitates a single-stage reconstruction of the breast mound. This method is better tailored to women who have strong breast skin preservation following mastectomy. Immediately after the mastectomy, a permanent implant is implanted, forgoing the initial positioning of a tissue expander and subsequent expansion process.
Reconstruction of flap:
This procedure uses tissue from other parts of the patient’s body, such as the back, buttocks, thigh or abdomen. This operation can be done by leaving the donor tissue to preserve the blood attached to the original location, or it may be cut off and fresh blood sources can be associated.
Some breast reconstruction advantages:
Breast restoration will make you feel more at home about how you appear. This restores your misplaced faith in your sexuality.
Offer the woman perfect, sexy curves and give the breasts symmetry.
· Allow women to wear bathing suits and form-fitting garments.
Restore the presence of the nipple and enhance the breasts’ form and height as well.
Certain breast reconstruction limitations:
A restored breast would not offer the same impression and feeling as the replacement breast.
· There will still be clear lines of incision on the breast, whether by surgery or mastectomy.
· Certain surgical procedures, typically found in less exposed parts of the body such as the rear, belly or buttocks, will leave incision lines at the donor site.
The potential complications inherent with breast reconstruction include:
· Leakage, inflammation, slow incision healing and complications of anaesthesia.
· The possibility of partial or absolute removal of the flap and loss of feeling at both the donor and replacement site is used in flap surgery.